Nothing is more vital to the strength and well-being of the state of Colorado than the maintenance and preservation of the family. Healthy families and strong morals lead to safer and more successful communities. Unfortunately, we live in a world where the family is no longer seen as the key building block of society--a world where married parents are fast becoming the exception, rather than the rule; where sex outside of marriage, sexually transmitted diseases and abortion are rampant among young adults and teens; and where lawmakers too often look for ways to ease the consequences of irresponsible and dangerous behaviors, instead of looking for ways to help change those behaviors.
Healthy Families:
Our Mission:
To build a strong marriage and family culture in Colorado in the name of Jesus.
Cultural Impact:
Impacting our culture for Christ is central to the work of RMFC. Our role is as a servant to God's three ordained institutions: the Church, the government and the family. RMFC is working to re-establish a healthy relationship between these institutions. As we remember Jesus' command to love our neighbors as ourselves, we must not forget that everyone in our culture is our neighbor. We serve in this way not only for our neighbor, but for future generations to come.
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Refresh & Re-Direct Your Marriage:
Through Soul-Healing Love
                             with Bob and Carol Baker
Upcoming Retreat -- Fri/Sat. April 12-13
Hosted by: Denver United