About RMFC
Who We Are:
We are a "Voice for the Family--Advocating Timeless Truths." We communicate the truths of the Judeo-Christian tradition in a way that positively impacts families, communities, and culture.

Founded in 1991, RMFC works with families, churches, community organizations and government leaders to strengthen marriages and families in Colorado.

As a nonpartisan, nonprofit education organization, RMFC represents the traditional family at the state legislature and we publish a weekly Legislative E-update during the legislative session. We serve as a bridge to connect churches, organizations and individuals involved in pro-family efforts. RMFC also sponsors workshops, seminars, and family events for churches and families statewide. We also host a weekly radio show and air a weekly commentary.
As a voice for the family, we have formulated the following guiding philosophies to shape the mission plan of the RMFC.

We will endeavor to preserve Colorado's most valuable and vital resource -- her families. They are the primary and most important source of moral instruction, and the future of Colorado depends on them.

We will adhere to Judeo-Christian values in every sphere of life and articulate them within the public forum of debate and policy formation.

We will strive to protect and nurture our children -- a gift of God. We will, therefore, work with parents to equip them to exercise their responsibility to raise, nurture and educate their children.

We will promote parental authority and involvement regarding their children and will defend the right of parents to teach their children Judeo-Christian values that reflect our treasured heritage. Further, we will work to equip parents to help their children resist the cultural influences that would undermine their values.

Our Purpose Statement:
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